What Is Poverty Defined As?


We have a 3 step plan for overcoming global poverty, which is: define poverty; map poverty; and focus the ‘fixers’. That’s it. The first step has to answer the question: ‘What is poverty?’ This is because: ‘you cannot manage what you do not measure and you cannot measure what you do not define’. Our view is that combined global efforts to solve poverty have been severely hampered by something as simple as the lack of a common poverty definition, beyond GDP/capita criteria. So, in the interests of simplicity and common understanding,  we have sought to adopt one that even a 5 year old can understand. Learn more about our efforts to define what is poverty here.

Can you explain 'what is poverty' to a 5 year old?

That definition is: ‘the relative absence of 7 Humanitarian Basics’. This definition is particularly helpful, as it is one we can use for the subsequent purposes of measurement – and thus mapping and management. Discover the compelling reasons for this particular definition and how it can accelerate our collective efforts to solve global poverty here.

We plan to help educate a billion people with this simple answer to the simple question: What is poverty? We hope that you will be kind enough to assist us. Learn about the 7 Layer Poverty Model on this site. Then help others to do the same.

If that is something you are willing to do, then we thank you for being…

One in a Billion!

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