Project Benefit: Impact Assessment Tool


This tool is specifically intended for use by poverty ‘fixers’ operating at the MACRO level. A separate and simpler tool has been developed to better assist those fixers operating more at the LOCAL and MICRO levels. Of the 7 key poverty fixers recognised within the 7 Layer Poverty Model, the fixers typically expected to be operating at the macro level are: multilateral agencies, in-country governments, NGOs and social entrepreneurs. In order to make better sense of this macro-level tool, you may first want to read through our post on ‘More Than Gut Feelings’, which explains the context of the tool’s development and use.

The Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet below is a simple investment evaluation template, enabling decision-makers to use the 7 Layer Poverty Model concept, with Simple Assessment poverty profile data (or estimates). Thus, they have a common set of metrics to provide reasonable cost-benefit comparisons between similar poverty reduction initiatives. Comparisons between significantly different project types will be less beneficial, unless there is some common valuation system between threats to life, health, comfort and other quality of life measures. However, some macro-level decision-makers are faced with making precisely those kinds of difficult choices on a regular basis. In such cases, in the absence of some better tool, we hope that this one will help them consider the possible scenarios and potential benefits involved, from the perspective of the 7 Layer Poverty Model.

Investment Priority Evaluation Template_V1_April 2014


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