Can You Define Poverty As An Acrostic?


We officially define it here as ‘the relative absence of 7 Humanitarian Basics’. We reckon that since poverty is a seven letter word, it is neat to also define it with 7 words. But we didn’t stop there. We also have come up with a plan to solve it in 7 words, namely: define poverty; map poverty; focus the fixers. You can find out more about each of these topics on our main site menu. On top of that, we have come up with the unique 7 Layer Model, which represents 7 key fixers who are variously stakeholders in overcoming poverty for every individual on the planet. So we thought we would add to this assortment of 7’s, by coming up with our own seven letter poverty acrostic. And it is:

peoples own various experiences relative to yours

People’s Own Various Experiences Relative To Yours

We wanted to emphasize the key point that, in our view, poverty is best understood and remembered as a relative concept. Think you can do better? Then leave your own ideas for a poverty acrostic in the comments box below.

And thanks again for being…

One in a Billion!