Our declared 3 step plan for poverty reduction is: define poverty, map poverty and focus the fixers. These three steps are facilitated and bound together by the core concept of the 7 Layer Poverty Model. Within the third step of the plan, we aim to encourage fixers to focus their decisions more transparently on outcome impacts – through the effective mechanism of better and simpler MEASUREMENT techniques, driven by adoption of the Model.

poverty reduction through better impact assessment

The 7 Layer Poverty Model takes advantage of a specific definition of poverty that helps with measurement, namely: ‘the relative absence of 7 Humanitarian Basics’. Our proposal, in the absence of some better tool, is for the fixers to use the metrics from Simple Assessment Studies or estimates, to provide an approximation to the overall impact of any planned course of action, or potential poverty reduction initiative. This is a useful approach for comparing and choosing between investment decisions BEFORE any commitment of resources has been made.  The same tool can be used to conduct a separate Simple Assessment after the particular project, allowing decision-makers to assess the ACTUAL impact, versus the PREDICTED impact. For a fuller analysis of how this helps fixers make better high-level poverty reduction decisions, click here.

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