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‘Give A Billion’ is devoted to the vision of overcoming global poverty by tackling its causes and consequences. We are a charity registered in the UK, formally regulated by the UK Charities Commission, with global ambition.

Our mission is ‘to help a billion people help a billion people’, by facilitating greater one-to-one identification between ‘richer’ and ‘poorer’.  Our strategy is to improve the effectiveness of all current poverty-reduction efforts by various ‘fixers’, by encouraging greater co-ordination across the “coalition of the willing”, drawn from among the 7 key agents of change. Those 7 agents of change range from the single individual facing extreme poverty head-on, to powerful multilateral agencies like the United Nations and the European Union.

7 Layer Poverty Model V1_Mar2014

One of our key tactics is to promote a simple, yet powerful Poverty Model that even a 5 year old could explain. Sophisticated enough for most experts to use. Simple enough for most people to understand. We call it the “7 Layer Poverty Model“. It shows the 7 key dimensions of poverty for the individual, together with a way of representing the 7 key agents of change – all potentially vital ‘fixers’ in poverty reduction for any individual on the planet.

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”. We intend to prove him right. We don’t want your money.  We DO want your understanding – and that what you get for free, you share freely with those who will listen. We hope that a billion will…

And when it comes to overcoming global poverty, we intend to help them.

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  1. Am a director of Needy Support Centre Uganda- a charity whose passionate call is to build and boost the educational and economic welfare of needy people in economically depressed areas in society.
    We are delighted to learn that Give a billion is at the forefront ion the fight against global poverty.We would wish to be part of this global fight against extreme poverty,
    We are planning to launch a national penury control programme in Uganda.
    Could you be of help in this regard?
    Many thanks
    Stephen Dwise

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Your initiative sounds promising. We are not sure in what capacity you are looking for support for your project. As we make clear in our FAQ section, we do not award financial grants over the internet, but offer free tools and educational materials on the web site, which we hope will make the challenge of co-ordination among existing ‘fixers’ a little easier. We wish you all the very best as you start out. In our experience, it pays to get the local community organised!

      The Give A Billion Team

  2. I want to thank God so much for the great love he put in you for his people.
    i am pastor Tonny Ocaya of life Line Ministries Lira in northern paart of Uganda and I have read your activity toward supporting children to achieve their goal in very many ways above all through Education to eradicate poverty.
    I and other people have the same idear with the mind that make every one to live in a good state of condition and we called our self BECOLA (better condition of living for all) we feel that every body should live in a better condition and we want many girls and boys who were left without education due to lord resistance army war led by Joseph Kony and we have tried always to make them reach higher level of Education but due to limited resources we always failed to meet our goal and we are requesting for support of finance to constract class rooms block, domitory and teachers quaters so as to reduce the high cost of paying school fees that as made it very difficult for this students to meet their goal their by ending up in to early marriage.
    Thank God bless you so much as you reply and conect me to many who can help in found raising for this activities.
    from Pr. Tonny Ocaya

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