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    1. Hi Judith,
      Thank you for getting in contact with us. We don’t run any kind of Partnership programme currently, as our aim is to provide free ideas and digital tools for millions of poverty fixers around the world, rather than become a co-ordinating ‘hub’ for them all. However, we can point you in the direction of some other Kenya-focused charities operating in the UK, who you may be able to approach about partnering arrangements. If you use the web address it takes you to a web page where you can enter the word “Kenya” in the Search box. You will then be given a list of quite a few Kenya-focused charities, with various contact details, who you may wish to approach about your idea of partnering. They may want a more detailed idea about how you see that partnering arrangement working for both you and them.
      We wish you every success as you continue your own good work, under challenging conditions.
      The Give A Billion Team

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