2 thoughts on “UN Support Measures For Least Developed Countries 2010”

  1. I am very impressed. I am a human rights advocate at the grassroot level, i have voluntered for many organisations, and worked for a few on the same…now, i have founded Mamma Africa with the help of a British freind who is also a human rights crusader since she was young. to be honest, i have never come across such a drive-home- where- change -comes – from kind of model. waaah. It is true we can kick poverty of the world if all the crusaders can use the 7 layer model…
    How can i be of help, how can i be useful to you in ensuring this is rife? I am available…

    1. Hi Sophie,

      Great to hear from you. The whole plan starts with you and other people like you. We are convinced that this model, combined with Systems Thinking, will prove an increasingly effective way to help overcome more poverty sooner. Now that you are aware and understand it, the next step is to apply it. Check that it stands up to the real life poverty situations you encounter and share it with others who can do the same. The great thing about truth and knowledge, is that once it spreads, it cannot easily be undone. We will continue to actively spread the word internationally, with visitors from over 150 countries now learning what you have. If you carry on doing what you do, speaking up for those who have no voice and defending the rights of those who are destitute, you will be doing a great and powerful work. For that, we thank you – as will all those whose lives you help touch and transform by the good you do.

      Thank you Sophie, for being One in a Billion!

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