How To Map Poverty


We propose 3 steps to overcoming more poverty sooner, with the same resources. These are: define poverty; map poverty; and focus the fixers. In step 2, if you want to map poverty correctly, you need to accomplish 3 things well: measurement, data collection and presentation. Under our main ‘Map Poverty’ menu heading, you will find links to various pages, posts and tools, which address the matter of effective poverty measurement & data collection. Such measurement is based on the integrating concept of the 7 Layer Poverty Model. We believe that you cannot manage what you do not measure and you cannot measure what you do not define.

global poverty map by GDP per capita

Our simple definition of poverty as: the relative absence of the 7 Humanitarian Basics, provides a framework we can then use more effectively for measurement – for over 7 billion people globally. We build on the idea of the 7 Layer Poverty Model, to propose Simple and Detailed Assessments, both geographically and on a person-by-person basis. This approach therefore provides both macro and micro scale data for more effective decision-making by those fixers in positions of influence. Review the other articles on this site to see what tools we have made available and how they can be used to better measure and map poverty.

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