Poverty Mapping: Horses For Courses?


Our 3 Step Plan to overcome more poverty sooner with the same resources is to: define it, map it and focus the poverty fixers. Step Two is all about becoming more effective in the area of Poverty Mapping. Not because producing such maps magically alleviates poverty itself, but because (like Step 1), accurate  mapping provides a dramatic impetus for progress in step 3: focusing the  fixers.  This article considers the 7 layer Poverty Model approach to Poverty Mapping alongside other established methods, in their 3 key aspects (measurement, data collection and presentation), evaluating which approach might typically be favoured, for different purposes and in different practical constraint scenarios. Our considered conclusion is not that one is definitively better than another, but that each has a potential role to play as a tool in the ‘maptivist’ user’s kit bag. In short, it’s a case of ‘horses for courses’.

poverty mapping using the GDP per capita variable

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