European Union Good Humanitarian Donorship Study

European Union Good Humanitarian Donorship Study

This study investigates and proposes various principles for ensuring that humanitarian aid of various forms from the EU member states, follows best practice guidelines. The goal is that the aid and development budgets achieve the purposes for which they are intended. It has clearly been commissioned in light of the fact that this had previously not been the case. The report reveals some of the challenges when dealing with such large sums of money, spent on large scale projects, which can prove hard to track end to end efficiently.

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  1. We operate a local NGO in western kenya on agriculture program gearing towards poverty elimination from marginalized community. How can we submit our request for financial assistance. You can also introduce us to possible donors

    1. Hi,

      We have passed on your details to a partner we work with who manages that sort of activity well. They advise us that there are a number of UK based charities raising funds from the UK, and who help raise money specifically for Kenya. A good way to search for them is through a donations portal called My Donate. It is run by BT, the UK’s largest Telecommunications company, so it has a good reputation. I have run a search on their public database of 8000 or more charities, with the search word “Kenya” and there are several there. Below is the url link, so you can do the same. I hope you have some success! Another portal we know of is at The closer to your area of interest they are, the better.

      All the best,

      The Give A Billion Team

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